Summer Solstice Celebration


Over the centuries, the summer solstice has strongly associated with feasts and pagan rituals as well as with fertility, growth, and light. The old traditions are still alive and each year thousands of people in the Baltic States are going to the countryside to celebrate the longest day and the shortest night of the year.
Join for festivity and the double celebration – on 21st of June when locals are celebrating the astronomical summer solstice by old traditions and rituals like making wildflower wreaths, decorating homes, making bonfires, singing traditional songs, foretelling the future and looking for the fern flower, and on 23rd of June – when joyful celebrations called “Līgo” with more modern singing is taking the place in Riga on the river bank of Daugava River near President`s Castle.
Discover the beauty of nature, ancient traditions and the true spirit of Latvia.

Tour Highlights:

  • Celebrations according to ancient traditions in the countryside on 21st of June
  • Making wildflower wreaths
  • Foretelling the future
  • Looking for the fern flower
  • Tasting midsummer cheese and enjoying local beer
  • Joyful celebrations on 23rd of June at Riga
  • Songs and dances
  • Riga Sightseeing with traditional market area in Dome Square
  • Jurmala Sightseeing
  • Sigulda Sightseeing