Business Travel

We combine our 10 years of experience with our new curiosity in everything we do. We do it instinctively. Not only do we recognize destinations “really,, we love to constantly renew ourselves with the“ finest ”information that will make the difference.

We organize corporate events, meetings, conferences, incentive trips and sports events. We believe that every work we do has its own moment.

Our greatest reward is the satisfaction under your smile. As NB DMC, we are turning “award programs known as  incentive  into a different experience.

We design all emotions in these programs through the eyes of the awardees.

We create programs that surprise them, create moments that change their lives, and make them say  it was worth everything for this award..

A business travel without experience is unthinkable. From this point of view, no matter where in the world, we do not forget to have a little break between your works. Everyone has different tastes and expectations.

We like to fill our customers’ preferences, interests and time slots and fill in the blank spots.

We combine our expertise, our resources and the excitement of transforming business trips into a different experience, and sometimes chasing custom-designed holidays, sometimes chasing details that make top-level travel programs unforgettable.